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by Rick Levine on May 28, 2016

b2b websiteIn the modern world where businesses are constantly inundated with advertising messages, getting a B2B customer to your website is a tremendous first step, but getting them to buy is another battle. A well-designed B2B website that is informative, pleasing to the eye, and simple to read can be the key factor in turning a lead into a sale.

Be Simple, Direct and To the Point

When a visitor finds your B2B website, you want to make sure that they know what kind of action you want them to take. Maybe you want the visitor to sign up for your newsletter or fill out a form. Combine a few lines of copy and some compelling photos to grab them. Keep your content short and to the point with a simple call to action or several.  

Don’t Be Afraid of White Space

Keeping an appropriate amount of whitespace between text, images, and other elements can help your customers direct their eyes to your CTA’s, further guiding them to see and take action on what you want them to.

Too many elements on a single web page can actually confuse your customers, ultimately forcing them to bounce out of your website. Digesting small bites of information amongst white space on a page can provide a much more enjoyable user experience for potential customers.  

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Photos can be engaging and can get a point across very quickly, so it’s good to have a few to go along with your web copy. Potential B2B buyers want to see examples of how your electrical supplies, industrial equipment or distribution services will fit their requirements.

Just be sure that the photos you use are relevant and appropriate to your brand and who you are trying to market to. If you have formal business that is attempting to reach top level executives, you may not want to use cartoons or clip art to try to convert those leads. It is always best to take your own photos with your product or service in action, but if that is not possible then there are many stock image websites that can help.

Pull All of Your Content Into One Solid Design

A lot of B2B buyers are possibly visiting your website for their first time, so you want to make sure you leave a great first impression. A person browsing the net will judge your website within the first few seconds of landing on it and the average person will try for one minute to find what they are searching for before giving up. An organized, intuitive web design that makes sense for users is an inadvertent way to get that business to buy.

Shopping Made Easy

Some basic features of your online-specific store should highlight product details, prices, and allow people to add items to their shopping cart. Remember that even though you are targeting B2B companies, there is usually one person in charge who does the shopping for the entire business. Finding out who those people are and how to engage them is a good step to planning out your website optimized to them.  

Monitor Your Web Visitors’ Behavior

Tracking your customer behavior through your website with a free service like Google Analytics can also help you target and adjust certain pages that could help with conversions. For instance, do you notice that most of your visitors go to your Contact page? Remove that extra click for them and put your preferred contact method directly on your homepage!

The Importance of Responsive Design

In 2015, 40 percent of people surveyed used their smartphones to look up services or information and that figure is continuing to be on the rise. It is imperative that if you want to connect with your customers, that your website gets with the digital mobile device age. When developing a website, make sure it integrates responsive design- a feature that makes your website look beautiful on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find information about a business or service through your smartphone and being left with a confusing, jumbled mess.  

These are a few essential ways to use your website’s design to convert leads into sales. Grab those businesses through your gorgeous website and feel free to share your success!

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